måndag 12 augusti 2013

Author Crushes

I know I've probably mentioned before on this blog that I have author crushes. The meaning of this being that you love an author and his/her works so much that you just have to read everything he/she has ever written, and that you are completely blown away by his/hers geniusness.
I have a lot of author crushes.
One of my author crushes is actually a Swedish author (which is weird, because I don't read that much in Swedish.) The one I'm referring to now though is Jonas Gardell, his writing is simply amazing and he uses the Swedish language in a way I could only dream of ever using. As well as his writing just kind of hits you and gets to you on such a personal level that I can't really understand how he does it.
Then we have Douglas Coupland, who wrote books such as Player One, JPod and Hey Nostradamus! Somehow Coupland has a way with words and telling a story that I find amazing. I find his writing intelligent and just a pleasure to read.
As I've mentioned before on the blog Mark Levengood is also another of my author crushes. He somehow uses language beautifully, funny, witty and yet serious and thoughtful.
A newcomer to the list is Jonathan Saftan Foer. I hadn't read that much by him before, I read Extremly Loud and Incredibly Close when I was probably a bit too young and it was the Swedish translation of the book. Anyways, I read Everything is Illuminated this last year, and kind of fell in love with him and his style of writing.
An author worth mentioning on the list is actually David Mitchell, even though I think my crush there isn't fully developed yet. Mitchell is an amazing author that writes in a way I couldn't even dream of writing. And whenever I read anything of him, I get slightly blown away by the writing and the ideas he has of how to form his novels.
I still have a lot more author crushes, but most of them are only in their early stages of  a crush, you know the stage were you're afraid to admit it because if you do, maybe you'll just end up ruining it completely then.

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